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Why You Will Not Be Provided Visa On The Condition Of Calcified Lungs

Admin 23-09-2022

Calcified spots in your lungs can be a serious issue if you are going for GAMCA tests. It can dismiss your visa for such condition. If you are not aware of this situation, read this blog until end to know why it has been a serious issue to cancel the visa.  GMA online service has faced many such situations where the Gamca medical Chennai test were not cleared due to the spots in lungs or calcified lungs.

Abnormality in Lungs

All of these terms—lung nodules, pulmonary nodules, white spots, and lesions—describe the same thing: an abnormality in the lungs.
When a patient gets a chest CT scan for some reason, such when they have lung disease symptoms or when they are getting screened for lung cancer, they frequently discover lung nodules. However, occasionally a lung nodule is unintentionally discovered during a CT scan of the patient's abdomen because of unrelated stomach symptoms or after an accident.

The very first question that often comes to the patient’s mind- is it a cancer?

A CT scan typically isn't sufficient to determine if a lung nodule is a malignant mass or a benign tumour. The only way to be certain you have lung cancer is to have a biopsy. However, the characteristics of the nodule as observed on a CT scan may provide hints.
Doctors typically consider three different aspects of the nodule to evaluate whether lung cancer is likely or unlikely to occur: the size of the area, its shape, and whether the lump is calcified.
The difference in a lung nodule's size between a scan and one taken later is another important indicator doctors look for when attempting to establish whether a lesion may be malignant. Nodules with cancer are more prone to expand. Lung cancer may be present if the white spot gets bigger in between examinations.
Therefore, even though a CT scan cannot tell whether a lung nodule is malignant, it can help doctors decide whether additional imaging studies are necessary. Your doctor can then suggest a PET scan and/or a lung biopsy to rule out other serious conditions.

At the End,

If you have been rejected Gamca for Calcified lungs, make it a note to go thoroughly by specialist doctor. You can prevent any worst situation with the early medications as well as proper treatment too. It is always good to take preventive measures and then start yoru job search.