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Why You Must Choose Bahrain For Your Job Destination Along With Family?

Admin 18-07-2023

Bahrain placed first in the Middle East and North Africa for a sense of belonging, making friends, and achieving personal satisfaction. Bahrain has a lot to offer foreigners, including wonderful weather and friendly inhabitants. According to a poll, Bahrain has risen to the top of a list of the greatest countries in the world to live and work. And this is a significant improvement from the previous year when Bahrain barely cracked the top 20.  So, what is it about Bahrain that has propelled it to the top of the list?

The most touching part of Bahrain

Bahrain's 4,000-year history as a commercial crossroads has left a heritage of tolerance and variety. Bahrain has a multi-faith community, with Buddhist temples, Christian churches, Jewish synagogues, and Muslim mosques coexisting for years. According to the 2021 InterNations Expat Insider Survey, Bahrain ranks first in MENA for feeling at home and making friends, as well as personal satisfaction.

Work-life integration

The UAE has also been popular among families since it is recognised to be safe and secure for young children while still delivering high-quality education. Despite being an Islamic state, Bahrain is regarded as more liberal than its neighbours Saudi Arabia and Qatar, and as a result, it has attracted ex-pats and migrant workers, who now account for more than half of its population.

Finally, people in Bahrain value a work-life balance lifestyle since it is a more family-oriented country, making it one of the greatest places to start and raise a family because you will receive the necessary assistance. What makes it even better is Bahrain's exceptionally friendly people. Now Indians love this type of work culture. 

Noticeable relationship between two countries

The relationship between India and Bahrain has always been strong. Since the early 1900s, Indians have been travelling to Bahrain for labour. The Indian population in Bahrain has grown to about 200,000 people. So, how does it feel to be an Indian living in Bahrain?

To begin with, Indians in Bahrain have the same rights and advantages as any other citizen. They have no restrictions on the occupations they can hold or the places they can dwell. In reality, Indians are among Bahrain's most successful citizens. They have enterprises, schools, and cultural institutions.

Visa policy you must know

Moreover, the Visa policies are simple and liberal. Employees and visitors can easily enter Bahrain owing to our accommodating visa policies: Bahrain grants nationals of 67 countries a one-month visa upon arrival, with the option to renew for an extra three months. Bahrain has also expanded the number of nations eligible for eVisas to 114. The only tough part is to clear the medical test done by Wafid Medical, earlier known as GAMCA. This medical test is being held by GAMCA registered centres and is a must under the rules and regulations of the GCC nations. On clearing the medical test, you will be given the medical fit certificate that would help you obtain the visa. 

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