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What Is Gilbert's Syndrome And Will It Allow Entering Qatar?

Admin 22-11-2022

Before getting into the topic, I must tell you that no matter how fit and fine you are, you need to appear for the GAMCA medical test to enter Qatar. As Qatar comes uder the list of GCC countries. The gulf authority has initiated this strict rule for the betterment of their citizens. For an easy registration process and also for more information, please connect to GMA medical for Qatar online service now.
Now let’s move on to the topic,

  • What Is Gilbert’s Syndrome?
First of all, let me tell you that bilirubin is basically a yellow substance, which helps to break the old red blood cells. You can find this bilirubin in bile. Our liver produces bile juice to easily digest foods. When you’re have a healthy liver, it will help you to remove most bilirubin.
Now, talking about Gilbert’s Syndrome, it is a condition in your body that occurs when your liver is unable to systematically process bilirubin. More specifically, you can call it Gilbert’s Syndrome, as an inherited condition that is mostly discovered by accidents. An accident means when you go for a blood test and the test reveals the processing of bilirubin.
As a symptom, you may see a yellowish skin tone, yellowish nails, yellowish eyes and, most importantly, yellowish urination. But don’t worry, this syndrome is completely curable, but you need medication and also follow other suggestions given by your doctor.
  • Will It Allow Entering Qatar?
As I already mentioned, Gulf authorities follow very strict rules when it comes to GAMCA. So, in most cases, you are probably not allowed to enter Qatar. But there is a way as well. If you have no such symptoms and Gilbert’s Syndrome will not at all bother you to match your job role, then there is a chance. Follow our GMA online service for better guidelines.
Always consult your local or family doctor to understand the condition best, If they allow you, ask them to provide a fit certificate. You can send the certificate to the Gulf authorities as well and they will verify your condition once again.

Wrapping Up
This rule of the gulf authority is similar to all other GCC countries. That’s why, to avoid GAMCA failure, everyone suggested consulting other doctors, because once you fail the test, you won’t be able to apply for the test for next 6 months and also unless you are fit in all aspects. Make sure the doctor is well known and knows all the rules of GAMCA.

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