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Wafid Medical Test vs Other Medical Examinations comparison

Wafid Medical Test vs Other Medical Examinations: Undergo the Differences

Admin 24-02-2023

Working in overseas MNCs and getting paid higher are common desires found in job seekers as well as working professionals. Along with qualification, professional experience, passport, and visa; health is equally important to get selected for job roles abroad. So, if a candidate wants to work or get permanent residency in one of the GCC nations, he/she needs to book a Wafid appointment online to undergo Wafid medical test mandatorily. 

But, what if he/she wants to fly to other countries apart from GCC nations, what kinds of medical tests do they need to take? Do other foreign nations maintain the same tough medical rules for candidates who apply for jobs, residential visas, or student visas? If you have questions like these, please consider reading this blog in full.

Wafid Medical Tests Vs Other Medical Examinations


Wafid (formerly GAMCA) is already well-known as one of the toughest medical screening processes for applicants. Even, a little medical glitch on your health card can restrict your entry to the GCC nations once and for all. But, how do other countries set bars for medical screening? Let us know in comparing medical tests for GAMCA/Wafid and other countries. 

Medical Tests for GAMCA/Wafid are Laboratory Test and Physical Test which includes 

  • Urine – Sugar

  • Blood Test – Blood Grouping and Haemoglobin,

  • Hepatitis

  • HIV 1 and 2

  • Chest X-Ray

  • Pregnancy test for Women

  • Vision check-up for both eyes 

  • Blood pressure checkup

  • Color blindness

  • Check-up for Psychiatric disorders and neurological issues

  • Height and weight 

Medical Examinations for Immigration to Other Countries 

  • Test for TB (if the candidate is 11 or above by age)

  • Hepatitis B test for pregnant ladies

  • Chest X-ray, HIV, Hepatitis B and C test (for students who want to study to be a dentist, nurse, doctor, or paramedic or tend to do work abroad)

  • Different medical examinations for people who are above 75 and applying for a visa 

  • Syphilis test and others if a person is applying for a refugee visa and he/she is 15 or above.

Medical Report Validity for Wafid & Other Countries 

  • Wafid Medical Report Validity: Candidates who can complete the GAMCA/Wafid medical tests are considered fit and obtain a “Fit Wafid Medical Certificate”. The certificate is valid only for 90 days to obtain the visa and to fly to GCC nations. 

  • Validity of Medical Reports for Other Nations: Whereas, the medical examination reports for other countries are valid for 90 to 180 days counting on the types of medical results. Even, the validity of the medical test reports differs from country to country and the medical condition of the applicants.

Other Necessary Information on Medical Examinations


Candidates who are applying for GCC nations’ visa need to undertake the Wafid/GAMCA medical test only in GCC-approved medical centers. Yes, they are allowed to choose a city and location for their medical tests. But, Wafid medical center name will be chosen automatically after a successful Wafid appointment online. 

While medical tests for other nations (for Visa application) are commenced by the medical doctors assigned by the Embassy three to four weeks before the interview date. 

Quick Note, 

It is good to go for a pre-medical check before you go for Wafid medical examinations or other medical texts for visa processing.


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