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GAMCA Fit/Unfit Reports

Understand the Significances of GAMCA Fit/Unfit Reports with Timeframes & Restrictions

Admin 18-09-2023

Once the time comes to obtain job opportunities or to apply for a family visa in one of your preferred GCC nations, you need to have a Fitment medical certificate from GAMCA (now WAFID) officials. It is a crucial step to incur the visa and undergo successful visa stamping in India when you are thinking of flying to any of the GCC nations including Qatar, Oman, Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Bahrain, and/or UAE. And to get your visa you need to do GAMCA online registration and pass the medical test with a fit report only. 

If you don’t know the significance of GAMCA fit and unfit reports, take this blog as your guide. You will understand all facts of the GAMCA fit/unfit report and associated timeframes to fly to the GCC nation successfully.  

GAMCA Fit Report and Its Validity

As we already said, you need to undertake the GAMCA medical test and pass it with a fitment certificate to fly to your desired GCC nation. Whether it is for a job or to have a family/residency visa, the fitment certificate has its worth here. Once you pass the GAMCA medical test successfully abiding by all the health requirements decided by GAMCA and the 6 member nations of GCC (Gulf Corporation Council), you will get your GAMCA Fitment report/certificate within 2 to 4 days of your medical test. This report shows that medically you are fully fit and eligible to work or travel to one of the GCC nations of your choice on a family/work/residency visa. 

  1. Fitment Report Validity

It is essential to know that the GAMCA fit report lasts for only 90 days. Meaning, that the report stays valid for a total ninety days from the date of its issuance. Within these 3 months, you need to complete your visa process including your passport stamping and accomplishing other visa requirements. If you fail to complete the process within the estimated timeframe, the report will expire and you need to reapply for a GAMCA medical test and follow the same process to fly to the GCC nation you have chosen. 

Unfit/Unsuitable GAMCA Medical Report – Timeframe & Limitations/Restrictions

If by any chance to fail to clear the GAMCA medical test because of health conditions that seem unfit to meet the health standards set by Gulf Corporation Council nations, you will receive an unfit report. You will not be able to obtain the visa you apply for. 

Let us know about restrictions and timeframes to incur if you have an unfit GAMCA report, 

  1. Retake Test

You need to undergo the GAMCA medical test again after a certain timeframe. 

  1. Timeframe Restrictions

You would be prohibited from retaking the test from 3 to 6 months counting on your unstable/unfit medical report. 

  1. Addressing Exact Health Issues 

You need to consult with your medical professional to understand the health issues that restricted you from passing the GAMCA exam. Proper care and medical assistance will help you to overcome it and you can apply for the GAMCA medical test again. 


It is essential to understand the difference between a fit and an unfit medical report when you are about to go for GAMCA online registration for the first time. Fit and unfit reports – both exist for a certain timeframe. Taking care of your health is necessary when you are thinking of flying to GCC nations for work/study/residency to achieve the GAMCA fitment report. 

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