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Understand GAMCA Medical Slip & Test Report Validity for Better Navigation

Admin 11-03-2024

Candidates who want to fly to any of the Gulf Corporation Council Countries are required to undergo a set of medical tests known as the GAMCA (presently WAFID) medical examination. The result of the medical test determines whether a candidate is eligible or not to work in GCC nations. However, our points of discussion are not any medical test or GAMCA medical Lucknow, New Delhi, Kolkata, or any other center in this blog. Rather, we will talk about the validity period of the reports, both for fit and unfit GAMCA medical reports to help you understand and plan the complete GAMCA process efficiently.  


Validity of GAMCA Medical Slip


Once you book your appointment for the GAMCA medical test, you will receive a slip in your registered email ID. The slip is known as the GAMCA medical slip or registration slip. According to the latest information, the slip remains valid for thirty days. It indicates that you need to undergo the Gamca medical tests in the assigned medical center within 30 days from the date of registration. If you do not undergo the tests within the esteemed time, your medical slip will be canceled and you need to rebook for an appointment. 


GAMCA Fitment Report Validity


If a candidate can complete the GAMCA medical tests successfully, he will receive a GAMCA Fitment report. It determines that the candidate is fit to work or stay in GCC nations. Coming to the validity of the report, the medical fitment report remains valid for 60 days from the date of issuing. Hence, the candidate needs to stamp his visa within these 60 days to obtain the visa for his desired GCC nation. If he misses to stamp the visa during the period, he needs to undergo the medical exams again. 


Unfit Report Validity and Restriction Duration


If a candidate cannot pass the GAMCA medical test due to health issues, he will get the unfit report. Unfortunately, the candidate will be banned or restricted for a certain period from medical tests. He will not be able to apply for a visa or fly to any GCC nation during the period with an unfit report. According to the health report, the duration of the ban is decided. It can be between 3 to 6 months of ban. Once the ban period is over, the candidate can reapply for the medical test and apply for a visa for his desired GCC nation. 


Necessary Information on Medical Statements 


The duration of the reports regardless of fit or unfit statement matters to get a visa. If a candidate is found with an incurable disease like TB, scar on the lung, HIV, or any contagious one, he will be completely banned from taking part in the medical test and his candidature will be canceled permanently. So, it is necessary to undergo tests from your regular physician before you take the medical tests for the GAMCA fitment certificate. Follow the directions of your doctor, take proper care of your health, and say no to bad habits like smoking, drinking, and unhealthy snacking when you want to clear the GAMCA test in one go. 


Wrapping Up, 


The duration of the medical slip, fit, and unfit report play a vital role in securing your eligibility to work in a GCC nation. Follow the instructions properly irrespective of the medical examination center. Be it a GAMCA Medical Lucknow center or a medical center in other cities in India, you will get the same validity on the GAMCA slip and medical report to obtain your visa. 

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