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GAMCA Medical for Oman,

Reason For Medical Examination To Obtain A Working Visa For Overseas

Admin 21-06-2022

Your dream of working for a Saudi firm has already been shattered when you failed the GAMCA medical exam. In such a case, you might look for a few nations that don't require any GAMCA tests to acquire a working visa. You probably find out the name of Bangladesh, Pakistan, Nepal, Bhutan, etc. countries name who don’t require any medical test to acquire a visa. Simultaneously, a few agents are trying to provoke you by recommending a few techniques to fly to Saudi Arabia or Oman without a medical exam. If you follow their advice to get a working visa, you may fall into a trap, and as a victim of illegal activity, police may chase you further. Because most the nation has a distinct regulation for different medical tests to acquire a working visa, it guarantees that individuals traveling from India to reside in their country are healthy and do not bring any undesirable diseases that might impact their healthy population.

Many countries undertake similar medical checks before issuing a work visa, and you may be turned down if you are unable to declare yourself physically healthy. As a consequence, it is recommended that you do not lose hope of working for a firm in Saudi Arabia or Oman, as you will have a second opportunity to take the
GAMCA Medical for Saudi Arabia or GAMCA Medical for Oman after 6 months from the date of failure. You must, however, address the condition that has rendered you unsuitable.

Due to the numerous working perks available in Saudi Arabia and Oman, if you intend to apply for a working visa after receiving a profitable chance, here are a few pointers that may assist you in obtaining a working visa.

Test and documents details for Saudi Arabia and Oman visa

Medical test- The following diseases need a medical examination for a Saudi Arabia or Oman working visa –
  1. Blood tests
  2. HIV
  3. Syphilis
  4. Hepatitis B & C
  5. Urinalysis
  6. Chest x-ray
Documents – The following documents are required for Saudi and Oman Work Visa Processing –
  1. Medical Report for Employment Visa
  2. Valid and original passport.
  3. Copy of Passport
  4. The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia issued a Visa Order/Wakala/Invitation letter.
  5. Two Passport Size photographs.
Conclusion – As you've already finished the GAMCA medical exam, you should be familiar with the procedure. However, if you need help from a GAMCA-approved service provider in the future, please contact “GMA Online Service”. Booking an appointment for the GAMCA test is simple and convenient with their quick online booking service, and it can be done at any time.