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Exam Preparation for Wafid Medical Test

Preparing for Wafid Medical Exam: Do's and Don'ts

Admin 16-03-2023

As part of your application to GCC countries for work, a resident visa, or higher study, you must first receive a physically fit report by clearing the Wafid Medical test. Hence, if you are planning to start your career anywhere in the Gulf countries, you will need to know what kind of tests you must undergo after applying for Wafid Online Medical test and what is required to be done before the medical exam. Here is a list of Dos and Don'ts that might help you to perform the medical test confidently.

Dos Before Applying for The Wafid Medical Test

  • Submit Your Personal Details Carefully – Please carefully read all of the fields on the Wafid Online Medical Test form and enter the correct information in each field. A minor error might harm your exam results or future preparations for a journey to a Gulf nation. Even though you have the option of changing the incorrect information through an approved GAMCA medical service provider, you should avoid making any mistakes to avoid any complications.
  • Consult with Your Family Physicians - You may obtain a permit to travel to GCC nations after receiving the fitment result by passing a general physical exam, including a chest X-ray, blood and urine tests, and a skin test. To ensure that you are not suffering from a serious ailment, you should consult with your family physician and have a comparable test performed at the nearby lab as soon as possible. If any test results are unfavorable, consider seeking the advice of your doctor to cure the disease before the validity of the Wafid Online Medical appointment expires.
  • Drink Lots of Water – Please drink plenty of water on the day of your Wafid medical test to stay hydrated and to produce urine for the required test.
  • Dress Comfortably - Since you'll be undergoing medical examinations such as height and weight, blood pressure, lung function, and vision and hearing tests, it is recommended that you should wear a comfortable dress.

Don’ts Before the Wafid Medical Exam

  • Take proper rest - Relaxing and getting adequate sleep before the Wafid Medical Examinations are the best way to pass a blood pressure test. Adequate rest relaxes and balances your stress hormones, as well as lowers your blood pressure, keeping you in excellent physical condition.
  • Don’t Have Foods Just Before Your Exams - Fasting for at least twelve hours before a physical check-up is recommended by health experts. This is important to avoid blood sugar and blood pressure rises. You can eat well the night before your scheduled appointment date.
  • Avoid Stressful Exercises - Do not engage in any heavy exercise before 48 hours of your medical exams, since this may affect the results of your health screenings.

Final Words,


Since passing the Wafid Medical Exam is difficult, you should make every effort to follow all of the recommendations above to turn your dream of visiting a Gulf nation into a reality. Best of luck!


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