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GAMCA Medical Result/Report Timeline

Know All Factors Influencing GAMCA Medical Result/Report Timeline

Admin 11-09-2023

From high-paid jobs to amazing benefit packages, and tax-free income to career opportunities – Gulf Corporation Council nations welcome a large number of foreign employees every year. Therefore, if you want to get enlisted in the list of foreign blue-collar workers from India to GCC nations, you must register for a GAMCA medical appointment online. Candidates are not allowed to choose the preferred medical center for GAMCA Medical, but they are allowed to select the city for the medical center. So, if you are thinking of booking a center for GAMCA Medical Lucknow or anywhere else in India, you can contact GMA Online Service at your convenience.  

However, today we will delve into the information on how many days it takes to get GAMCA medical results. We would know the consequences that speed up or delay getting GAMCA medical reports.  

A Brief on GAMCA Medical Examination

Gulf Corporation Council Approved Medical Centers Association has set standards to meet for candidates who are applying for job/study/family/residency visas for GCC nations. Candidates need to undertake the examination including blood test, chest X-ray, lab-based test, and different health screening processes once they successfully do the online GAMCA registration and complete the GAMCA registration fee.  

Once they pass the exam, they obtain the fit certificate. But, how long a candidate needs to wait for the result? Why the result may get delayed? How to receive the results faster?  --- If these questions tickle your mind too, read the next paragraph without jumping to a conclusion. 

How Long Does It Take for GAMCA Medical Report? 

Well, it takes generally 2 to 4 days for the GAMCA medical report to come out. The processing of medical report timing counts on the medical center too. However, according to the current WAFID (previously known as GAMCA) portal, candidates can expect to get the result within a maximum of 26 days of the GAMCA medical examination process. 

Factors Affect the Timing of GAMCA Medical Result

Yes, you have read it just correct. Many factors can hamper and/or influence GAMCA report timing. Let us know in detail, 

  1. Complexity of Test: If the medical examination requires to go for complex tests including cultures, and complex health screening, it might take time for the result. 

  2. Medical Center Proficiency: If the medical center is well-equipped and the staff are experienced and expert, the result will be in your hands sooner. 

  3. Candidate Volume: You need to take a look at the number of candidates who take the exam on the same day. The more the number is the more you need to wait for the result. 

Tips to Get Results Faster

To have a smooth text process and minimize the delay in result, you can follow a few tips, 

  1. Choose a city that has more medical centers. It evades pressure on the candidate’s number for a single center. Schedule your exam in advance if you have an employment date to start. 

  2. Cooperate with the medical staff during exams to have flawless examinations and timely results. 

  3. Make sure to keep all your communication channels open so that you can get posted about the progression of the result. 


Whether it is GAMCA Medical Lucknow or somewhere else in India, GMA Online Service is always here to assist you in making a GAMCA appointment online with successful registration and medical test scheduling. You can check the medical report online submitted by the center with the passport/GCC slip number. 

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