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Gamca medical for Oman

How To Visit Oman For Job Purpose In Legal Way?

Admin 15-12-2022

If you are traveling to Oman for vacation, no medical test records are necessary. Only a certificate of Yellow fever vaccination is necessary, but not in all situations. If you are from a country where there has recently been a yellow fever outbreak, you just need to present a vaccination certificate to secure a visa.

Traveling to Oman may be an exciting and memorable experience because the country is full of surprises. You will require a visa to enter Oman if you are from a nation that is not on the list of GSSC countries or if you are not an Oman citizen. For that, you need to pass the GAMCA medical for Oman tests. Here is a complete guide.

Why GAMCA Test Compulsory?

According to the GAMCA (GCC Approved Medical Centers Association), you must attend a GAMCA approved medical center in your respective nation to obtain a visa to work in Oman.

The GAMCA has established protocols for conducting medical tests for people wishing to travel to Oman to ensure that the person wishing to work in their country is physically fit for the job and does not have any infectious diseases or other diseases that could interfere with Oman's safety and health measures.

To begin, contact your nearest GAMCA medical test location and obtain a GAMCA slip to schedule the testing. The slip includes all pertinent information about the medical center's name and contact information. You must travel to the same medical center where you obtained your GAMCA slip. Your pictures and fingerprints will be taken for identification at the medical center, so make sure to visit the same location for your medical testing.

The GAMCA Medical Exam: The GAMCA medical exam involves a variety of laboratory testing as well as physical examinations.

The physical examination comprises the following:

  • The applicant's weight, height, and blood pressure are all being measured.
  • A stethoscope was used to listen to their chest.
  • Checking both eyes for vision abnormalities or testing for colour blindness for those applying for positions as a driver or an industry worker.
  • Examining for any signs of sexually transmitted infections
  • Examining for any kind of psychiatric condition.
  • Any medication allergies?
  • Any major surgeries performed on the applicant's body...


So if you are interested in getting the right way to enter Oman, this is the way you have to follow. Contact GMA Online Service for the accredited Gamca centers at the nearest location. Surely, they would guide you on how to obtain the visa.

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