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Medical Test for Children

How to prepare as parents before taking your children for GAMCA tests?

Admin 09-10-2023

For foreign nationals looking for work in GCC states, the Gulf Cooperation Council Approved Medical Centers Association (GAMCA) conducts required medical examinations. Even though these tests are normally designed for adults, children under the age of 13 must also go through certain health exams to make sure they adhere to the host nation's health requirements. The main components of the GAMCA medical exam for kids, the processes involved, and what parents should be aware of will all be covered in this article.

The Cooperation Council for the Arab governments of the Gulf, formerly known as the Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC), is an intergovernmental, political, and economic association made up of all Arab governments bordering the Persian Gulf, with the exception of Iraq. There are six GCC nations in total that demand gamca approval for visas. UAE, Bahrain, Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Kuwait, and Oman are those countries. Before traveling to the GCC nations of UAE, Bahrain, Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Kuwait, and Oman for work or to apply for a residency visa, work visa, or family visa, you must pass the GAMCA or GCC Approved Medical Centres Association medical examination. You can get it done from Gamca Medical Thiruvananthapuram and nearby centers.

Recognizing the Relevance:

When moving to GCC nations, children must meet the same health requirements as adults. These medical examinations are intended to protect public health and make sure that children do not put the population of the host country at danger of contracting infectious diseases.

  • Children will get a general physical examination, including measurements of their height, weight, and general health. 

  • To be sure that specific medical problems are not present, a urine analysis could be necessary. 

  • Parents must provide their child's most recent vaccination records. Entry into GCC states is often subject to vaccination requirements.

  • These examinations are done to look for infectious diseases including HIV and Hepatitis B and C.

  • Additional restrictions, such as testing for specific genetic or inherited disorders, may apply in some countries. For precise information, it is imperative to contact the embassy or consulate of the relevant nation.

How to be prepared as parents before the medical tests?

The methods listed below can be used by parents to get ready for the GAMCA medical exam for their child:

Make sure you have all the required paperwork, such as your child's passport, visa application, and employment offer or residence permission from the host nation.

Tell the medical center personnel about your child's age and any special needs when making an appointment. They can inform you of what to anticipate. Parents should go to the hospital with their children. For a young person, the situation can be daunting and strange, so seeing a familiar face can be reassuring. Packaging and comfort things you might require, such as a favorite blanket or toy, is also a good idea.

In the end, 

While both parents and children may suffer anxiety as a result of the GAMCA medical examination, the process can be made less stressful with enough planning, honest communication, and a supportive environment. In order to comply with immunization regulations, parents must be proactive in getting the required paperwork.

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