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How To Obtain Visa For A Job Offer At Bahrain?

Admin 14-10-2022

Are you planning to travel to Bahrain for a job? Well, you need to know about these facts before travelling any GCC countries. It is also important that you pass the Gamca medical for Bahrain and obtain the visa.
Get a guide on Gamca medical right in this blog.
Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Bahrain, Qatar, United Arab Emirates (UAE), and Oman are the six Arab nations that make up the GCC. The GCC nations have roughly the same social and economic backgrounds, health problems, and health systems and policies.
 The GCC region occupies a distinctive epidemiological position on the global map as the host of numerous mass gathering events (such as the Hajj pilgrimage and international sporting and business events), and some of its residents have specific vaccination needs too.
Mission of Gamca tests
In order to protect GCC citizens from various health risks, the Gulf Health Council (GHC) States have started this programme to conduct pre-departure medical examinations of expatriates in their home countries to assess their health fitness and ensure that they are free from infectious and other diseases.
Costs And Documents Required
Here are the expenses and documents requirement for Gamca medical For Bahrain in details:
Essential Documents:

  • Original passport
  • Photo copy of the passport
  • Passport sized photo particularly with white background. ( keep 3 or 4 photos)
  • GCC slip
  • COVID vaccination certificate.
The GAMCA registration fees is INR 1300 which is inclusive of all taxes. Along with these fees, you need to pay the service charge of the clinic for the different medical tests.
The medical tests must be done in the medical facilities that Gulf Health Council has designated, and each person's medical fitness report is produced by the authorised medical facilities. After receiving a favourable GAMCA medical report from one of the approved GAMCA institutions, you are free to depart for your destination country easily without any obstruction.
At the end,
Coming to the conclusion, you can know about the Gamca authorized medical centres from online. GMA Online service offers you a complete guide for getting the registration and medical tests done. Get in touch with our experts to know more about the detailed way. 

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