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Get Employed At Any GCC Countries After Passing The GAMCA Procedure

Admin 10-08-2023

Are you looking for overseas employment? If you are staying in Lucknow and are thinking of taking up employment in any GCC country, you have just landed at the right place. Read this post until the end to get a complete guide on how to get things done properly through GAMCA.
The Gulf Cooperation Council Accredited Medical Clinics Association (GAMCA) plays an important role in assuring the health and well-being of those looking for work in Gulf countries. This guide delves into the GAMCA, its relevance, and the influence it has on both job seekers and host nations. Also, it will help you to find 
GAMCA medical Lucknow centres.

Preparation and research of GAMCA:

Investigate the country in which you intend to look for overseas employment and get familiar with its visa requirements, including the demand for a medical check. The GCC countries include Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, United Arab Emirates, Bahrain, Qatar, Oman.Collect all essential documents, including passport copies, visa applications, employment offer letters, and any other important paperwork.


Locate a GAMCA-Approved Medical Centre:

To locate a list of authorised medical centres in Lucknow, visit the official GAMCA website or call our local office. Ensure that the centre you select is GAMCA-approved.

Here are some of the centres available in Lucknow by Gamca Medical Appointment Service.

  • Asian Diagnostic Centre
  • Atlantis Diagnostic Centre
  • Bachan Medical Centre
  • DKH Diagnostics – Lucknow
  • Galaxy Medical Centre
  • HEFCO Medicare & Research Centre
  • Medigulf Diagnostic Centre
  • New Lucknow Diagnostic Centre
  • Sessa Medical Centre
  • Total Health Medical Centre

Schedule an appointment:

To arrange an appointment for your medical checkup, contact the medical centre of your choice. To prevent delays, it is best to schedule the appointment well in advance.

Verification of Documents:

Visit the medical centre on the scheduled day and bring all required documentation for verification. This might contain your passport, visa application, employment offer letter, and any other necessary documentation.
Medical Examiner: GAMCA requires that you submit to a medical examination. This may involve different health exams, blood testing, X-rays, and infectious disease screenings.


Medical Report and Findings:

Following the completion of the medical examination, you will be given a medical report reflecting your current health condition. Some medical centres may offer the report the same day, but others may require several days to process the results. It is essential to take note of the validity period of your medical report. Different nations have different validity periods, so be sure your medical examination is completed within the permissible duration.


They are all important steps

GAMCA's involvement in easing the health screening process for those looking for overseas employment in Gulf nations is critical for both job seekers' safety and host countries' public health. Remember that the particular process and requirements may differ depending on the nation in which you intend to operate, so it's critical to remain up to speed with the most recent information from both GAMCA and the applicable embassy or consulate. To minimise issues in your abroad job procedure, always follow the advice supplied by official sources and authorised medical centres.

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