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Gamca Medical Tests For Children And Pregnant Women

Admin 15-11-2022

For work purposes, GAMCA medical tests are necessary in GCC nations such as Oman, Qatar, Kuwait, Saudi Arabia, the UAE, and Bahrain. People who travel to the aforementioned countries for business will undoubtedly require a place to live. As a result, whether for employment or for personal reasons, you must apply for the GAMCA test.

However, there are some GAMCA medical guidelines for pregnant women and children to  other nations. Many people who are travelling for job need to re-establish with family at the new place. In case of children and pregnancy, there are some different rules to follow. Check out with our centres for Gamca medical Cochin to know more them in details.

Medical test for children

It is not essential for kids under 12 to undergo any Gamca tests. They can visit easily with their parents and no tests are required. Only children above 12 years of age need to get the tests done that too from designated centres for Gamca medical Cochin. For them the passport needs to be submitted along with 2 passport size photos and the visa.

Mostly, for children they are checked for their weight, properly nutrient or not, whether all vaccination is done until the age and fit certificate is approved. No other tests are required to be done for them. As there are no other tests done, so you need to pay less for the children. The fees which is paid for adult is not same for the children. Check out form your designated center to know about the fees.

Medical test for pregnant women

We are all aware that travelling during pregnancy is not advised. It is hazardous to both the infant and the mother. And if you are travelling to a different country, try to avoid the plan as much as possible.Following an examination of the risk factor, several guidelines should be followed.

Pregnant women may not apply for the GCC examination during the first trimester. Especially within the first three months. The first three months of pregnancy are the most critical and sensitive, so be cautious and observe the regulations. GAMGA prohibits pregnant women from having any type of x-ray test at that critical period. This restriction is imposed due of the dangers of x-ray radiation. This rule applies to GAMCA medical exams.


Hope this would be quite helpful for you. Check out our GMA Online Service website to know about designated centres.

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