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Gamca Medical Kuwait for Travelling With Work Visa

Admin 19-09-2022

If you are intended to visit Kuwait with the work visa, then following few rules and regulations is must. It is to be noted that some changes have been brought by the administration which you must be aware of.

Earlier each of the candidates travelling to Kuwait with work visa need to pass the “Khadamat” medical tests. But it is been replaced by the Gamca medical for Kuwait visits.

Advantages of Gamca tests

There are GAMCA Test centres all around India, and the test costs only INR 5000. All candidates who plan to enter Kuwait on work visas would now save INR 7000 as a result of this modification in the rule. The "Khadamat" medical test has thus been replaced with the GAMCA medical test in order to obtain a Kuwait visa.
You can submit your paperwork to any of our offices in Delhi, Mumbai, Chennai, or Pune to obtain a Kuwait visa, which is an advantage of our service to candidates. Although the typical processing time for this visa is 5 to 7 working days, if you need an urgent visa for Kuwait, we can also supply that on a case-by-case basis.

Why Kuwait is a demanding job destination?

In Kuwait, there are several employment openings are available in the oil and gas industry right now. Despite the global crisis, Kuwait's economy is experiencing strong development in the oil and gas industry because even when oil prices were at their lowest, the sector's profitability was at its highest due to on-shore oil production. As opposed to other nations producing oil offshore (such as Abu Dhabi, Qatar, Malaysia, etc.), the Kuwaiti oil industry is not subject to market pressure, hence profitability remains unaffected.
This is one of the prime reasons of huge number of Indians visiting the place. If you have also grabbed a job opportunity at Kuwait, contact with the executives of GMA online services for the GAMCA online appointment. Surely, we will help you get the registration done and will assist until you get the work and family Visa for Kuwait.

Here are some necessary information that you may need:

Kuwait Medical
Rs 1500 Our fess for Gamca online Registration.
Documents required: * Appointment slip * Original Passport + photocopy * 8 passport size photos white background. * Original visa is required. * Rs 5000 you have you to pay at center for test.

So, pack yoru bags and starts off the journey with the valid work visa for Kuwait only with GMA online service.