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Solve Online Payment Issues During GAMCA Medical Registration

Explore Some Solutions to Solve Online Payment Issues During GAMCA Medical Registration

Admin 25-01-2023

To complete the GAMCA Medical Registration process successfully, please be cautious while making an appointment since if an error occurs, you will be unable to change or re-book an appointment until this booking expires. If you are unable to complete the registration procedure due to some issues such as trouble regarding paying for the GAMCA medical exam online, you may contact an approved GCC appointment service provider for assistance against a nominal service fee. However, before you do so, you should first follow some tricks to solve the concern by yourself. If you are curious to know the tricks, please read this blog post thoroughly.

A Few Tricks for Resolving Online Payment Issues During GAMCA Medical Appointments

  • Solve internet connectivity issue – Since most financial transactions are now done online, you may have difficulty paying for your GAMCA medical test due to server or internet connectivity issues. To determine the root cause of payment failure, first, check the speed of your internet connection. If other websites are running normally with the same internet connection speed, the problem might be with your debit or credit card or a bank transaction. However, if you are stuck on the payment screen due to internet speed issues, please try to arrange a high-speed broadband connection to successfully pay the test amount sitting at your home.
  • Debit or credit card issue – Sometimes an inadequate balance in your account or restrictions on using your debit or credit card for certain services might make paying the GAMCA test fees online problematic. If you detect such a problem, you can try to pay using the Bank account details, Google Pay, and Paytm or UPI ID available on this website's Payment Options page.
  • Incorrect bank Details – If you provide the wrong bank account information on the payment page, you will be unable to pay for the medical test. To prevent inconvenience, be cautious with the digits of bank account numbers and other details. However, if the bank server is down, you may experience issues even if you have updated the correct bank information. Please contact your bank immediately if you get information that the payment account has been debited from your account but has not been reflected on the Gamca Medical Registration page.


If, after trying all of the above-mentioned methods, you are still unable to pay for the GAMCA medical test, then please contact an approved GCC appointment consultant as soon as possible to complete the registration procedure without any complications for a minimal service charge. If you have the opportunity to visit a Gulf nation for a job or tourism, don't leave any stone unturned to successfully pass the GAMCA medical test. Aside from the payment issue, you may be able to get answers to any GAMCA test-related questions from that center at any time. Hope all this advice will work for you and help you to take the first step toward making your desire of visiting a GCC nation a reality.

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