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Improve Your Kidney Function

Explore Some Natural Ways to Improve Your Kidney Function Before Performing Wafid Medical Test

Admin 22-03-2023

Without a doubt, passing the Wafid Medical Exam on a single attempt is quite difficult. But, keep in mind that decent work opportunities do not come around every year. Hence, leaving no stone unturned, you should begin to follow some natural methods to avoid some non-infectious health concerns, such as kidney function, before scheduling a Wafid Appointment online. Having a normal range of creatinine in your urine indicates that your kidney is operating properly and you are moving closer to receiving a fit report unless additional health concerns are discovered during the Wafid medical exam. Here are some suggestions that may help you restore your kidney function naturally.

How to Determine Kidney Function Before the Wafid Medical Examination


• A blood test will reveal increased creatinine levels. When kidney function declines, blood creatinine levels rise.


• The glomerular filtration rate is another test (GFR). This test offers a rough estimate of how much blood the kidneys process. When the glomerular filtration rate falls, it is usually due to persistent kidney failure or another issue.


• Kidney illness causes a positive protein result in a urinalysis because albumin is lost in the urine.


If your blood creatinine level is high, you should consult with your doctor to set up a treatment plan before it harms your kidney function. A lifestyle change may also help in lowering your creatinine levels.

6 Natural Ways to Improve Your Kidney Function

  1. Drink Enough Water - Drinking a lot of water is essential if you have kidney problems since it prevents further damage while also supplying your kidneys with a steady supply of fluids to keep them from overworking. Following this way, you will also reduce the chances of developing kidney stones.
  2.  Control Your Blood Pressure - Cardiovascular disease and excessive blood pressure can harm the kidneys. As a result, it is essential to track your blood pressure frequently. If you have high blood pressure, lower your salt consumption and follow the medication prescribed by your doctor
  3. Regular Exercise Is Essential - Regular exercise can assist to improve blood sugar levels, blood pressure, and prevent kidney damage.  
  4.  Stop Smoking - If you want to improve your kidney function, you must quit smoking. Tobacco use raises the risk of kidney cancer by around 50%. It also reduces blood flow and increases the possibility of heart disease.
  5. Maintain A Healthy Weight - Obesity is related to high blood pressure and diabetes. These are the major causes of kidney injury and damage. As a consequence, keeping a healthy weight will safeguard your health from the metabolic consequences.
  6.  Get Enough Sleep - Every night, your body, especially your kidneys, goes through repair mode. The majority of kidney health improvement linked with cell reproduction occurs while you sleep. Thus, maintain good sleep hygiene every night and strive to sleep for 7 to 8 hours.  



If you discover that you have kidney problems after undergoing specific medical tests, you should avoid applying for Wafid Appointment until you become completely fit.


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