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Gamca medical test

Details About the Medical Tests Which are Undergone in GAMCA

Admin 20-04-2023

Ineligible for GAMCA? Or do you have any queries concerning which tests are conducted during medical examinations?

It is a terrible feeling to be unable to go to a GCC nation despite having the necessary qualifications and an amazing work offer because you have Gamca unfit status and have failed medical exams.

The GCC nations can follow and view the results of any individual from Wafid online medical by using their passport number, therefore nothing can go wrong, so please be cautious. If the medical test report is deemed unsuitable, the individual would be barred from entering any GCC nation.

What They Examine in Medical-GAMCA Unfit Cases

EYE TEST- Visual acuity should be adequate and free of contagious eye illnesses like conjunctivitis.

HEARING TEST- Hearing power should be normal, with no ear infections.

BLOOD PRESSURE- Blood pressure should be normal, with regular heartbeats.

LUNG TEST- Should not have Tuberculosis or other communicable diseases; a chest X-Ray examination will be performed to identify this.

BLOOD TEST- This is a critical test; they will draw a small amount of blood and do several tests because hemoglobin levels should be within the normal range.

Malaria testing is available, as is blood sugar testing to identify Diabetes.

Additional tests include- 

  • HIV/AIDS screening                                                                                                     
  • Hepatitis screening
  • Renal function examination as well as other significant disorders.

If you have a serious ailment, you will be classified as Gamca unsuitable.

  • A pregnancy test is also performed for married women; if they are traveling on a Family visa, a positive pregnancy is not an issue; nevertheless, they should not undergo any sort of X-ray.
  • Nervous System: The applicant should not have a history of any past nervous or neurological disorder, such as epilepsy, melancholia, or any other comparable disease. He should also be clear of any clinical symptoms or indicators of any nerve or neurological illnesses.
  • Allergy: The applicant must be free of any allergic disorders or have clinical signs or sickness suggesting he suffers from one.

Tumors should not be present in the digestive system.

1. Extremities: The extremities and legs should be free of any congenital or pathological abnormalities, and the spinal column should be free of any deformity or disc prolapse.

Skin: The applicant must be free of leprotic pathological symptoms as well as other chronic skin illnesses such as eczema and psoriasis, as well as any infectious skin diseases such as chronic tinea, other fungal skin infections, and scabies.

2. Alternatives: The applicant must be clear of any rheumatic disorders, lymphoid gland and thyroid gland enlargement, and any visible tumors. Female applicants must not be pregnant and be free of all sorts of vaginal bleeding, uterine prolapse, and breast tumors.


If you are looking for any center, make sure you get the registration slip online. Visit the GMA online service website and follow the procedures. Surely, you will be called for the medical tests and soon after the tests, the report would be available online. Get them from anywhere and do need not to visit the center too.

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