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GAMCA medical test from Mumbai,

Avoid failing the GAMCA Medical Test

Admin 08-06-2022

The GAMCA medical test is a standard medical examination required by GCC medical legislation before entering any GCC country on a work visa. Before visiting any Gulf country, you must pass a GCC medical exam. According to your imagination, clearing a GAMCA medical test is not easy. If you fail this test once, you will be barred from applying for any Gulf work visa for the rest of your life.

If you're intending to take the GAMCA medical test from Mumbai, don't fret. Let's have a look at how you might avoid a variety of failures by following a few simple tricks.

Know the category of GAMCA medical test

If you pass the following test, you will be given a fitment certificate.


1. HIV positive

2. HbsAg positive

3. HCV positive

4. Tuberculosis

5. AFB - positive smear or culture

How Can You Avoid Failure in the test?

You are likely to fail the test and receive an unsuitable report in the following scenarios.


1. If you have a low hemoglobin level or are anemic.

2. If there is a contagious/infectious disease present.

3. An X-ray revealed the presence of tuberculosis.

4. Diabetes or hypertension that is uncontrolled.

5. Any liver or kidney illness.

6. Disabilities or major deformities.

7. An ailment that is neurological or mental.

8. Visible skin illnesses.

Hassel free procedure

Before scheduling an appointment for the GAMCA test, you should conduct the same test in a local lab. After that, discuss any issues you've found in the reports with your family doctor. By following the procedures to avoid failure, you will be able to cure yourself of any complications before taking the GAMCA test.

Once you've been cured of any complications and decided to provide the original GAMCA medical test from Mumbai without any issues, you can contact "GMA Online service" to avail of their service. As a best practice among similar labs, this GCC-approved lab is available 24*7 to answer your GAMCA test-related queries! ghc medical, ghc medical status