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wafid medical examination procedures

An Overview of WAFID Medical Examination Procedures

Admin 16-05-2023

In the modern era, figuring out some facts, such as understanding about Wafid Online Medical appointment process in detail has become extremely simple due to the access to the internet. However, certain facts may differ from one website to another. Regarding the Wafid medical test, you may learn the names of infectious and non-infectious diseases from several sources, which may create a barrier to declaring one unfit if he or she has been suffering from any of these illnesses. Today, for more clarity, we will describe the exam phases, in brief, to make you aware of them when needed.

Phases of the WAFID Medical Examination


An Examination Of Any Previous Serious Illness – During the WAFID medical test, allergies, and nervous diseases are categorized as previous serious medical conditions. To be qualified for this phase, a person must be free from any previous allergy illnesses. Furthermore, he or she should not experience or suffer from any nervous disorders, such as epilepsy.


Clinical Examination – During a clinical examination, the following tests are performed - 

  • Monitor the Heartbeat - A candidate should have a regular and steady heartbeat as well as functioning properly. His or her blood Pressure should be normal. Furthermore, the applicant should be free from any genetic deficiencies.
  • Internal Organs should be Healthy - The applicant's internal organs should be in good condition and not contain tumors or enlargements.
  • Skin examination - A person should not have any infectious or persistent skin illness, such as Eczema.
  • Female Health Examination -   The applicant shouldn't be pregnant for more than 7 months. Furthermore, she should not have tumors on the breast or is experiencing bleeding from the vagina.

Medical Examination – Visual Clarity and Hearing Power are evaluated at this phase. Visual clarity varies according to the employment; for example, if a person is applying for a driver's job, his visual acquit should be less than 6/6. Both sides of the visual field should be normal and evenly distributed. Also, a candidate should be free of any infectious eye disease.


Hearing power, on the other hand, must be normal and free from infection in the middle or inner ear.


Laboratory Investigation – During this step, blood, urine, and stool tests are conducted. The total blood composition should be within the normal range, and the hemoglobin level should be between 10g/100 ml. The urine test report should show normal limits for sugar and albumin, and the stool should be free of cholera and salmonella.


Serology – At this stage, HIV, LFTs, kidney function tests, and HCV reactive tests are performed. A candidate may pass this phase if his or her liver function tests, particularly SGOT and SGPT, are within normal limits. His or her urine also needs to have a normal range of creatinine, and the applicant's anti-HCV test should be negative. A person who is infectious and has HIV is medically unfit for the WAFID medical test.




To be confident about your fitness, contact a private lab and perform the above-mentioned tests as soon as possible. If the test report indicates that you are healthy and free of transmissible or infectious diseases, you may confidently apply for the Wafid medical test through the Wafid Online Medical Appointment Portal right away.

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