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wafid medical tests problem

A Few Problems Associated With Wafid Medical Tests and Their Solutions

Admin 26-05-2023

Getting an attractive job nowadays may be critical for anybody, but after having excellent opportunities overseas, particularly in GCC nations, holding the opportunity might be challenging. Because clearing a medical exam known as the "Wafid Medical Test" is mandatory for employment applicants to safeguard GCC nationals from contracting any infectious virus or transmitting other diseases. In this regard, an applicant may encounter a variety of issues, starting with difficulty in scheduling a Wafid Appointment online to failing the medical exam owing to the presence of a certain ailment. If you have just been offered a job in any GCC country, like Bahrain, Oman, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, the UAE, or Kuwait, and are seeking information on the challenges associated with the Wafid medical exam, as well as solutions, this blog post is for you. Please read it thoroughly to learn more about it.

Three Common Challenges Regarding the Wafid Medical Test and its Solution

  • Problems With Making Appointments – After reaching Wafid's official website, you may encounter an array of challenges in properly booking an appointment. As an example, you may encounter an error, an internet connectivity difficulty, issues making online payments (debit or credit card-related issues, UPI account-related concerns, bank server downtime), and so on.  
Solution - During this situation, please use the internet to find the nearest online GCC appointment consulting service that is available 24*7. This approved service provider provides significant assistance, from helping you through every step of the Wafid Appointment procedure to guiding you regarding the documentation for your Pre-Departure Medical Examination appointment, all with ease. They can also generate Wafid medical slip on your behalf and charge an extra fee for this service.
  • Difficulties In Passing The Wafid Medical Exam – For each candidate, this is the most challenging task. A list of Infectious (HIV Positive, Tuberculosis, HCV Positive, Leprosy, Scar on the lungs due to pulmonary issue, VDRL Positive, Microfilaria Reactive, TPHA Positive) and Non-Infectious (Diabetes mellitus, Hypertension or High Blood Pressure, Neurological disorder, Congestive heart failure, Psychiatric problem, Chronic renal failure, Any type of physical disability, Hepatitis) diseases will be tested. If an application has any of these disorders, the medical test results will be unacceptable, restricting the applicant's ability to travel to GCC nations.
Solution – Before scheduling the Wafid medical test, please contact your family physician and have the same test performed in a nearby diagnostic lab. If the results show that you have no connection with any infectious or non-infectious disease, proceed for the medical test at a Wafid-approved medical center after completing the registration procedure. If you have an infectious or non-infectious ailment, please seek medical treatment as quickly as possible to be prepared for the Wafid medical test.
  • Unable To Attend The Medical Test – Due to unexpected circumstances, an applicant may be unable to attend the medical exam within the validity period of the Wafid medical slip.
Solution – Wafid medical slips are valid for 30 days. When the existing medical slip expires, you may generate a new one to complete the medical test.


If you have any further questions or concerns about the Wafid medical test, please contact your nearest authorized Wafid medical consulting service provider for a prompt reply.


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