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5 Easy Steps To Check Wafid Medical Report Status Online

Admin 17-02-2023

Undergoing the Wafid medical (previously known as GAMCA medical) tests is compulsory for candidates who want to secure a visa for a job or residency in GCC nations. Candidates can book Wafid online medical appointments by visiting the official website of Wafid or hiring GMA Online Service. Online registration and appointment for Wafid medical take only 30 minutes to get completed.

Importantly remember that you don’t need to pay any extra to anyone for an online appointment. Because Wafid collects the medical appointment fee online only.

How to Check Wafid Medical Report/Status Online?


Once you undergo the medical examinations, you would get the report online within 2 to 4 days. You can check the report on your own via the steps we are about to discuss. Have a look at the quick guide to checking Wafid's medical status online, 

1. Visit the official site of Wafid.

2. Keep your passport number handy. You can check your medical report status either with your Passport Number and Nationality or with the GCC Slip Number (Generated after a successful booking for the Wafid online medical appointment).

3. If you go with your Passport Number and Nationality, you would be asked to enter an image code. Once you provide the code correctly on the specific box, you need to click the “Generate” button.

4. Next, you will be directed to a new page where you can see the Wafid GCC online medical test report/result.

5. You would get three options just under the medical report – Close, PDF, and Print. Either you can click the print button and get a copy of the report to print or you can click the PDF button to get a report copy in PDF format on your device.

Note: Candidates are required to visit the center where he/she has undergone the medical examinations to collect the report physically.

The physical copy of the detailed report will be required for further processing and the report (Only Fit Report) stays valid for 90 days from the date of report generation.

3 Types of Wafid Medical Report Status


As we all know that GAMCA/Wafid medical examination is tough to get cleared in one go. Thus, the medical reports vary from person to person counting on their health status and coming up with status mentioned like Fit, Unfit, or Retest.  

1. Fit Status: Candidates who are physically fit in all aspects (declared by GAMCA or GCCHMC) generally receive the ‘Fit Status’ on their Wafid medical reports.

2. Unfit Status: Candidates who are declared Unfit for Wafid medical hardly get the chance to obtain for GCC national visa in the future. Candidates who are diagnosed with a scar on the chest, TB, or HIV are not approved to get Fit status in GAMCA/Wafid.

3. Retest Status: Candidates who are asked for Wafid medical Retest may have minor health issues. So, they are asked to do the same test after 6 months.

We hope you can check your Wafid medical report after this piece of information. If you want to know more about Wafid online medical appointments or report status, you can contact GMA Online Service.

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