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GMA Online service is well known company in the field of online GCC appointment consulting, done by a team of highly experienced consultants. With their assistance, we have been handling GCC Nations, and other parts of the world, we make service quality as our number 1 priority.

From 1st April 2018, GAMCA has opted for online medical slip generator and payment methods. The Candidates can log onto the GAMCA website and generate their own medical slip for the medical checkup by means of online payment, or they can take our service which is Rs 1500. The website will provide you assistance with the name and address of the medical Centre that will conduct your medical checkup.

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GCC Medical centres 

  • Bahrain Medical centre
  • Kuwait Medical Centre
  • Oman Medical centre
  • Qatar Medical centre
  • Saudi Medical centre
  • UAE Medical centre

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Saudi arabia medical

Rs 1500 Our fess for Gamca online Registration. Documents required: * Appointment slip * Original Passport + photocopy * 8 passport size photos white background. * Rs 5500 you have to pay at center for test. * Saudi Arabia Visa number, Visa date and Mofa number is required.

UAE medical

Rs 1500 Our fess for Gamca online Registration. Documents required: * Appointment slip * Original Passport + photocopy * 8 passport size photos white background. * Rs 5000 you have to pay at center for test.

Bahrain Medical

Rs 1500 Our fess for Gamca online Registration. Documents required: * Appointment slip * Original Passport + photocopy * 8 passport size photos white background. * Rs 5000 you have to pay at center for test.

Qatar Medical

Rs 1500 Our fess for Gamca online Registration. Documents required: * Appointment slip * Original Passport + photocopy * 8 passport size photos white background. * Rs 5000 you have you to pay at center for test.

Oman Medical

Rs 1500 Our fess for Gamca online Registration. Documents required: * Appointment slip * Original Passport + photocopy * 8 passport size photos blue background. * Rs 5000 you have to pay at center for test.

Kawait Medical

Rs 1500 Our fess for Gamca online Registration. Documents required: * Appointment slip * Original Passport + photocopy * 8 passport size photos white background. * Original visa is required. * Rs 5000 you have you to pay at center for test.

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GAMCA medical test,
06 Jun, 2022

Everything you need to know about the GAMCA Medical Test

There could also be rules based on your recent travel history. In addition to the Covid-19 test report, the GAMCA medical test may be used to illustrate the essential rules for visiting Gulf countries.

GAMCA medical test report for the UAE,
03 Jun, 2022

Planning to Visit Dubai: Take Your GAMCA Test Now!!

If you don't feel confident after getting a basic concept from the information provided above regarding the GAMCA test report for the UAE, you can contact the GMA Online service for more help.

GAMCA medical test from Mumbai,
08 Jun, 2022

Avoid failing the GAMCA Medical Test

If you're intending to take the GAMCA medical test from Mumbai, don't fret. Let's have a look at how you might avoid a variety of failures by following a few simple tricks.

GAMCA Medical Delhi,
17 Jun, 2022

Without Any Difficulty, Pass The GAMCA Test To Travel To Gulf Countries

You can create your medical slip for the medical check-up by going to the GAMCA website, or you can seek assistance from an approved GAMCA Medical Kolkata service provider.

GAMCA Medical for Oman,
21 Jun, 2022

Reason For Medical Examination To Obtain A Working Visa For Overseas

As a consequence, it is recommended that you do not lose hope of working for a firm in Saudi Arabia or Oman, as you will have a second opportunity to take the GAMCA Medical for Saudi Arabia or GAMCA Medical for Oman after 6 months from the date of failure.

20 Jul, 2022

Checking GAMCA Medical Reports Online- How To Do It?

GAMCA medical test is a mandatory test if you want to go to any GCC country for any kind of reason. And when it comes to visiting another country then you need to have some document for sure. And after COVID 19, some documents are becoming compulsory and the GAMCA medical test is one of them.

21 Jul, 2022

What Is The Necessity Of The GAMCA Medical Test?

If you want to visit any GCC country then you need to have some vital documents with you. And GAMCA medical test is one of the most important things that you can not be able to avoid at all.

09 Aug, 2022

What Type Of Medical Tests Can You Expect At GAMCA Clinics?

GMA online service is an accredited center for the test of Gamca medical Lucknow. We will help you undergo various test which are required. Surely, on passing the medical tests, you would be allowed to enter the gulf nations.

17 Aug, 2022

A Complete Guide To Register Online For A Gamca Test?

GMA Online Service would describe how to schedule a GAMCA appointment online for GAMCA medical For Kuwait, here for the GCC Medical test, commonly known as the GAMCA Medical Check Up.

19 Sep, 2022

Gamca Medical Kuwait for Travelling With Work Visa

If you are intended to visit Kuwait with the work visa, then following few rules and regulations is must. It is to be noted that some changes have been brought by the administration which you must be aware of.

23 Sep, 2022

Why You Will Not Be Provided Visa On The Condition Of Calcified Lungs

GMA online service has faced many such situations where the Gamca medical Chennai test were not cleared due to the spots in lungs or calcified lungs.

14 Oct, 2022

How To Obtain Visa For A Job Offer At Bahrain?

Are you planning to travel to Bahrain for a job?

26 Oct, 2022

There Are Numerous Reasons For GAMCA Test Failure- How To Find Out?

Isn't everyone terrified of medical tests?

15 Nov, 2022

Gamca Medical Tests For Children And Pregnant Women

For work purposes, GAMCA medical tests are necessary in GCC nations such as Oman, Qatar, Kuwait, Saudi Arabia, the UAE, and Bahrain. People who travel to the aforementioned countries for business will undoubtedly require a place to live.

22 Nov, 2022

What Is Gilbert's Syndrome And Will It Allow Entering Qatar?

Before getting into the topic, I must tell you that no matter how fit and fine you are, you need to appear for the GAMCA medical test to enter Qatar. As Qatar comes uder the list of GCC countries.

Gamca medical for Oman
15 Dec, 2022

How To Visit Oman For Job Purpose In Legal Way?

If you are traveling to Oman for vacation, no medical test records are necessary. Only a certificate of Yellow fever vaccination is necessary, but not in all situations.

 GAMCA medical registration
23 Dec, 2022

How To Know About The Reasons Of Failure In GAMCA Tests?

Isn't everyone terrified of medical tests? A test that determines your future is much scarier. The GAMCA exam is for persons who want to work or visit the Gulf countries. Bahrain, Kuwait, Oman, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, and the United Arab Emirates are the Gulf countries that require a GAMCA fit report.

Lowering ALT Values
17 Jan, 2023

A Few Tips for Lowering ALT Values Before the GAMCA Medical Exam

Whether you are looking for employment or want to travel to GCC nations, you will be unable to do so until you pass the GAMCA medical test.

Solve Online Payment Issues During GAMCA Medical Registration
25 Jan, 2023

Explore Some Solutions to Solve Online Payment Issues During GAMCA Medical Registration

To complete the GAMCA Medical Registration process successfully, please be cautious while making an appointment since if an error occurs, you will be unable to change or re-book an appointment until this booking expires.

17 Feb, 2023

5 Easy Steps To Check Wafid Medical Report Status Online

Undergoing the Wafid medical (previously known as GAMCA medical) tests is compulsory for candidates who want to secure a visa for a job or residency in GCC nations.

Wafid Medical Test vs Other Medical Examinations comparison
24 Feb, 2023

Wafid Medical Test vs Other Medical Examinations: Undergo the Differences

Our blog provides a comprehensive guide to understanding the Wafid Medical Test and how it compares to other medical examinations. Discover the differences, similarities, and benefits of each exam.

Exam Preparation for Wafid Medical Test
16 Mar, 2023

Preparing for Wafid Medical Exam: Do's and Don'ts

As part of your application to GCC countries for work, a resident visa, or higher study, you must first receive a physically fit report by clearing the Wafid Medical test.

Improve Your Kidney Function
22 Mar, 2023

Explore Some Natural Ways to Improve Your Kidney Function Before Performing Wafid Medical Test

Without a doubt, passing the Wafid Medical Exam on a single attempt is quite difficult. But, keep in mind that decent work opportunities do not come around every year.

Gamca medical test
20 Apr, 2023

Details About the Medical Tests Which are Undergone in GAMCA

Ineligible for GAMCA? Or do you have any queries concerning which tests are conducted during medical examinations?

Steps to Get the GAMCA Medical Appointment
26 Apr, 2023

Steps to Get the GAMCA Medical Appointment

Before beginning your new work in a GCC country you must undergo a full medical examination with the Gulf Approved Medical Centres Association (GAMCA).

wafid medical examination procedures
16 May, 2023

An Overview of WAFID Medical Examination Procedures

In the modern era, figuring out some facts, such as understanding about Wafid Online Medical appointment process in detail has become extremely simple due to the access to the internet.

wafid medical tests problem
26 May, 2023

A Few Problems Associated With Wafid Medical Tests and Their Solutions

Getting an attractive job nowadays may be critical for anybody, but after having excellent opportunities overseas, particularly in GCC nations, holding the opportunity might be challenging.

Wafid Medical
16 Jun, 2023

Wafid online medical: Transforming Healthcare Delivery for the Digital Age

Wafid online medical offers convenient and accessible healthcare solutions to individuals, ensuring they receive the care they need from the comfort of their homes.

20 Jun, 2023

Streamlining Healthcare: Simplify and Manage Medical Appointments with Wafid Appointment

In the fast-paced world of healthcare, Wafid Appointment emerges as a reliable and user-friendly platform that simplifies the process of scheduling and managing medical appointments.

14 Jul, 2023

A Comprehensive Guide On Kuwait’s Employment Benefits For Expats

Kuwait was one of the first nations in the Persian Gulf to create a higher education and research system, as evidenced by its literacy rate (96.46% as of 2020). Kuwait has a favorable business climate.

18 Jul, 2023

Why You Must Choose Bahrain For Your Job Destination Along With Family?

Bahrain has a lot to offer foreigners, including wonderful weather and friendly inhabitants. According to a poll, Bahrain has risen to the top of a list of the greatest countries in the world to live and work.

10 Aug, 2023

Get Employed At Any GCC Countries After Passing The GAMCA Procedure

Are you looking for overseas employment. If you are staying at Lucknow and is thinking of taking up employment in any GCC countries, you have just landed up at right place. Read this post until end to get a complete guide how to get the things done properly through GAMCA.

21 Aug, 2023

Exploring the Strong Demand for Indian Labor in GCC Nations: Key Factors and Opportunities

Discover why Indian employees are highly sought after in Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) nations such as Bahrain, Kuwait, Oman, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, and the UAE. Explore reasons like diverse skills, English proficiency, education, work ethic, and strong trade links driving this demand.Learn about the health fitness test by Wafid Medical required for GCC visas.

GAMCA Medical Result/Report Timeline
11 Sep, 2023

Know All Factors Influencing GAMCA Medical Result/Report Timeline

Discover the timeline for GAMCA medical results, factors affecting the wait, and tips for a faster outcome. From GAMCA Medical Lucknow to all of India, GMA Online Service can help you navigate the process smoothly.

GAMCA Fit/Unfit Reports
18 Sep, 2023

Understand the Significances of GAMCA Fit/Unfit Reports with Timeframes & Restrictions

Learn about the importance of GAMCA fit and unfit reports, their validity, and what to do if you receive an unfit report. Discover the key steps for obtaining a visa for GCC nations like Qatar, Oman, Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Bahrain, and the UAE. Get insights into the timeframe and limitations associated with these medical certificates.

Medical Test for Children
09 Oct, 2023

How to prepare as parents before taking your children for GAMCA tests?

Discover the essential details of GAMCA medical examinations for children under 13 in GCC nations. Learn about the processes, key components, and what parents need to know before traveling to UAE, Bahrain, Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Kuwait, and Oman for work or visa applications.

Gulf employment
18 Oct, 2023

Mastering Post-GAMCA Procedures: Your Guide to Gulf Employment Success

This comprehensive guide navigates the essential post-GAMCA procedures crucial for employment in Gulf nations. From securing your medical certificate to meticulous document verification, visa processing, travel arrangements, and pre-departure training, this resource provides invaluable insights. Prepare meticulously to smoothly transition into your new life and job in the Gulf nation.

GAMCA Medical Test
09 Nov, 2023

A Deeper Insight On GAMCA Medical Test For New

For people looking for work in the Gulf, getting a medical examination approved by the Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) Approved Medical Centers Association (GAMCA) is an essential first step. Even if the procedure is quite basic, expatriates who are currently living abroad must take particular considerations and modifications into account.

GAMCA medical for Saudi Arabia
20 Nov, 2023

The Huge Growing Job Demand In Saudi Arabia

Saudi Arabia is experiencing a radical economic transition, moving away from its reliance on oil and encouraging industries that support sustainable growth, all in line with its aspirational Vision 2030.

GAMCA medical
13 Dec, 2023

Modifications Of GAMCA That You Must Be Knowing

The Gulf Cooperation Council Approved Medical Centers Association (GAMCA) medical examination is a crucial step for anyone hoping to operate in a Gulf country.

GAMCA medical
18 Dec, 2023

The Requirements For GAMCA Medical For Qatar

Mandatory by Qatari authorities, the GAMCA medical examination is a standardized health screening procedure. To ascertain the general health and fitness of job seekers in Qatar, a battery of examinations and evaluations is required.

 GAMCA Medical Bangalore
01 Jan, 1970

How Gulf Countries Medical System Works

The countries are Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, the United Arab Emirates, Qatar, Bahrain, and Oman. Person who work in those country can easily access any kind of medical assistance without any time delay. For any type of 24X7 assistance in medical field any one can connect with GAMCA Medical Bangalore.

GAMCA medical Mumbai
01 Jan, 1970

Why Urine Analysis Is An Important Medical Tests In GAMCA?

Urine analysis can help diagnosis many diseases which the GCC countries need to avoid. Urinary tract diseases can affect the kidneys, bladder, ureters, and urethra, among other elements of the urinary system. GAMCA medical Mumbai can detect various issues in a single urine analysis tests.

GAMCA medical
13 Feb, 2024

The Online Transition of the GAMCA How It Became More Helpful

It is a good news that GAMCA Medical is now fully online. And many people has been benefitted with this change. In this blog we will discuss about the convenience of turning GAMCA online and how.

GAMCA Medical Test
20 Feb, 2024

Reviewing Past Illnesses for GAMCAs Medical Test GMA Online Service

Usually, the process starts with gathering medical history, including operations, hospital stays, diseases, and chronic disorders. Healthcare professionals can use this information to better evaluate a patient's health trajectory, pinpoint risk factors, and adjust the patient's current course of treatment.

11 Mar, 2024

Understand GAMCA Medical Slip & Test Report Validity for Better Navigation

However, our points of discussion are not any medical test or GAMCA medical Lucknow, New Delhi, Kolkata, or any other center in this blog. Rather, we will talk about the validity period of the reports, both for fit and unfit GAMCA medical reports to help you understand and plan the complete GAMCA process efficiently.

22 Mar, 2024

Navigating the GAMCA Maze: Top 5 Blunders to Dodge for a Flawless Online Registration

Embarking on your journey towards securing employment in the Gulf countries can be both exhilarating and daunting. A critical step in this process is successfully completing the GAMCA (Gulf Approved Medical Centers Association) online registration. However, it's easy to stumble along the way.

GAMCA registration
11 Apr, 2024

How To Check GAMCA Medical Report Online For Indian Passport?

With advancements in technology, individuals can now check their GAMCA medical reports online, saving time and effort. In this guide, we'll walk you through the steps to easily check your GAMCA medical report online.

17 Apr, 2024

Understanding the Importance of GCC Medical Slips for Job Seekers

The medical examination conducted as part of the GCC Medical Slip process helps identify any existing health conditions or infectious diseases that could potentially affect the individual's ability to work or pose a risk to public health.

Medical Registration
11 May, 2024

A Beginner's Guide to GAMCA Medical Registration Process and Requirements

Are you planning to work in the Gulf countries like Saudi Arabia, UAE, or Qatar? If so, you must undergo GAMCA Medical Registration. Don't fret if you're unsure about the process; we're here to simplify it for you.

23 May, 2024

Recent Changes in GAMCA Medical Test Procedures in Lucknow

These tests are crucial for ensuring you meet the health standards required by GCC countries. Recently, there have been some important updates to the GAMCA Medical Lucknow that you should know about.

Wafid Appointment
12 Jun, 2024

Top 5 Unmissable Benefits of Booking a Wafid Appointment

In today's fast-paced world, efficiency is key, especially when it comes to managing appointments. The Wafid Appointment system offers a seamless experience that stands out in its field. But what exactly makes it so special? Here, we’ll delve into the top five benefits of booking a Wafid Online Appointment and why you simply can't ignore them.

18 Jun, 2024

Common Health Tests Required for a GCC Medical Slip

If you are planning to work or live in one of the Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) countries, obtaining a GCC Medical Slip is a crucial step.

10 Jul, 2024

5 Common Problems on Wafid Online and How to Fix Them

Wafid Online is a popular platform that many people use for various purposes, from business to personal engagements.

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